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Can old hardwood floors be matched?

Old hardwood floors can be matched. Our pros detail how to match existing hardwood flooring below so read on!

Hardwood floors are bound to be damaged. There are many ways to cause damage to hardwood floors, including a dog that is overactive, furniture moving around, and even planks being broken. Sometimes you can fix the damage. But more often than not, you will need to replace sections or whole floors.

Sometimes it is difficult to match new hardwood floors to existing sections when you need to replace them. Before you begin looking for hardwood floor replacements to match your existing flooring, here are some things to consider: the profile, width and species as well as grade.

The Hardwood Profile Matched

It is crucial to verify the hardwood profile or thickness when matching older hardwood flooring. A replacement hardwood flooring that has the same thickness of your existing floor will give you a consistent and smooth look throughout the space.

While not necessarily hardwood-related, you should make sure that your subfloor is flat throughout the entire room. You can add plywood or remove it to make sure that your entire room is level when installing hardwood.

The Species and Grade Matched

What is the type and style of hardwood floors you have? Chances are low that you know the type of hardwood flooring. And even if they do, it might no longer be available. An expert in flooring will help you determine the type and grade of your existing floors, and then recommend a design that matches.

The Width Matched

Even though this may seem to be the easiest step, it is frequently overlooked. You might not be able determine if your planks have a narrower or wider width than you think. However, this information is crucial when matching hardwood floors. This will help you narrow down the options and simplify the whole process.

Refinishing & Staining

While a professional might recommend the best flooring option for you, the ideal way to match existing hardwood floors is to take them out and strip the boards. To ensure seamless transitions and perfect colors, a professional should perform both staining and refinishing. While you may not be required to refinish floors or stain them, this is an option that can work in certain circumstances.

Even though it may seem daunting to match floors perfectly, our flooring experts will guide you and help find the right option for you. Hardwood Flooring Pros of Columbus serves all of the greater Columbus, OH area. For a free consultation, give us a shout!

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