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Why Consider Hardwood Flooring Refinishing?

Many homeowners struggle with the decision of whether to refinish their hardwood floors or replace them. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages so homeowners should consider many factors before making their decision. Many times hardwood floor refinishing just makes the most sense.

Refinishing hardwood floors

Existing hardwood floors can bring a lot of character to a home. Hardwood flooring refinishing allows you to keep that character and warmth as well as also being environmentally friendly by saving trees. Refinishing hardwood floors is a wonderful option for homeowners to improve the look of their existing floor while remaining budget-friendly. There are several considerations when determining if hardwood floor refinishing is an option.

Damage Level

If your hardwood floors are still thick enough to be sanded down without exposing the tongue and groove then refinishing is an option. You'll need to assess the level of damage to the existing flooring to determine how much thickness needs to be sanded away to produce a smooth surface. Minor scratches will result in only a minimal amount of sanding while deep gouges may lead to replacement as you want a smooth, level surface without dips. If the Deep gouges are only and a small section or one board, a professional will be able to repair that section by replacing a few boards. However, if the deep damage is throughout the floor, a full replacement will be necessary.


Unfortunately, spills happen, and sometimes wood absorbs those spills despite the finish. Water stains from a leaky roof or window, a watermark from a glass, or a pet with an accident can all result and unsightly stains to your wood flooring. Those stains may even have a raised texture that is rough on your feet. Surface-level stains can be sanded but others may be deeper and require boards to be replaced. For small areas, the section can be repaired and the floor refinished. Typically staining will not require hardwood replacement but we have seen it when hardwood was underneath carpeting that had numerous pet accidents.


Do you love the morning sunshine that comes through your front window? While it might bring some cheer into your room, it can also be hard on your flooring. Wood floors can become discolored or faded when repeatedly exposed to direct sunlight. Refinishing will bring back the natural color without the need to replace it.


The most economical option is refinishing your existing floors. Hardwood replacement requires purchasing the new hardwood flooring, ripping out the old flooring, installing new flooring, and finishing it. Although refinishing may require replacing a few boards or a bit of labor to sand away damage, it is much cheaper than a full replacement.

Our professional team can provide you with a free quote for our hardwood flooring refinishing Columbus services. Our team provides top-quality refinishing services and ensures your home is treated with care. Reach out today to restore your wood floor to its optimal beauty.

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