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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

Columbus floor sanding

If you enjoy your hardwood floors but know that it is time to upgrade them slightly, then you can consider our hardwood resurfacing services. Hardwood floor resurfacing is the process of grinding down your floorboards in order to make them more even and to remove any obvious damages or deteriorating floorboards. Your floors can then be stained and have a fresh finish applied to the top, making them look like new. Hardwood floor resurfacing services differ from hardwood floor refinishing, as there is often more repair work in the resurfacing process than there is in the appearance of the floorboards, as is the case with refinishing.


In order to begin the hardwood resurfacing process, we will start out by sanding down the floorboards. If you have damaged or deteriorating boards that are no longer even with the surrounding floor, these floorboards will need to be removed with new ones put in their place, or to have the entire surface sanded down altogether so that they are even once more. The sanding process can take several days and will require preparing the space before carrying out the sanding itself; this is because sanding your floorboards can leave behind excessive dust and messes that can cause allergies and are uncomfortable to walk in. For this reason, we take extra time and care to adequately prepare the anticipated space before sanding down your floors.

New Finish

Once we have sanded down any obvious imperfections or damages in your hardwood floors, we can then proceed to give your floors a brand new finish. You can choose from a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish, depending on your preferences. These finishes are painted on across all of your floorboards and are left to dry for the appropriate amount of time so that all of your floors look equally stunning and beautiful across the surface. If your floors require a new stain, we can also assist in providing this prior to the finish.


As with all hardwood flooring projects, we always recommend sealing your hardwood so that you can get more use and comfort out of them long-term. Once we have applied the finished to your floors, we can then seal them in place and apply a strengthening sealant that will protect your floors from potential water damage, stains, scratches, and scuffs. You will likely need to have your floors re-sealed every few years to maintain the same standard of durability and comfort and to protect them for as long as possible, ensuring you get more value for your money and better long-term use out of your hardwood floors.

Reinforcing and Strengthening

When we are servicing your Columbus area floors, we can also reinforce and strengthen the existing floorboards by adding new nails and securing them in place even further. Over time, the nails and floorboards can come loose or become rusty and, therefore, not provide as much security and durability as they once did. For this reason, we take it upon ourselves to reinforce and strengthen your hardwood flooring surface for maximum safety and durability.

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