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Hardwood Floor Repair

wood floor repair Columbus

When your hardwood floors have become damaged or are deteriorating, it might be time for a few repairs. We offer professional repairs to help remove cracks, loose floorboards, damaged floorboards, holes, and rotting floorboards. Our repairs are designed to help you get the most use of your floors for as long as possible and without having to pay the high costs to replace your floors before they need it or you're ready to. Want the best wood floor repairs Columbus has to offer? Look no further than our team here at Hardwood Flooring Pros of Columbus!

Crack Repair

Crack repairs are done by buffing out the cracks if they are on the top layer. If they are much deeper and extend all the way into the floorboard, then we will need to remove the floorboard and replace it with a new one. Cracks and splinters in the wood can occur if the wood has contact with water or moisture, leading the wood to soften and split. Shifting or movement of the surface beneath your wood can also cause the wood to splinter, so it's important you have a secure foundation, and the hardwood has been installed correctly.

Hole Repair

Hole repairs are done by assessing the cause of the damage to further understand the reasoning behind the hole. If the holes in your wood are frequent and persistent, leaving behind extensive damage, you could have a termite problem. If you only have a few holes that are present on a few floorboards, it could be another form of pest eating away at your flooring. Some holes can also be caused by blunt force, such as having heavy furniture placed on your hardwood floors. Whatever the case, our job is to find out the root cause of your hardwood flooring's holes and determine the best solutions to repair and remove the holes.

Water Damage Repair

If your hardwood flooring has been negatively affected by water damage, we're here to provide our expert assistance to repair your floors. Water damage can cause rotting and deterioration, as well as discoloration and flimsy floorboards. The best course of action is typically to remove the weaker floorboards and replace them with stronger ones, ensuring that the surface beneath those floorboards has also not been severely affected by water damage. We can also check for mold or pests, as they often come along with moisture and water damage as well.

Broken Floorboards

Broken floorboards are not uncommon, and we offer repairs for those pesky floorboards that break over time. Your floorboards can break due to neglect and deterioration, natural wear and tear, improper installation, water damage, and much more. When your floorboards are broken, they can pose a safety hazard to you and your loved ones, making it difficult to avoid them when walking across certain areas of your home. We can uproot the broken floorboards and replace them with newer ones that blend in perfectly with your flooring and are smoother and more comfortable to walk on.

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