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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

wood floor refinishing Columbus Ohio

Refinishing hardwood floors is the process of sanding down the top layer of your hardwood flooring in order to refurbish and revitalize them, making them look like new. Whenever you have hardwood floors that have begun to deteriorate, this does not necessarily mean that you need to replace them immediately. Most of the time, hardwood floors can be given a second chance with a few tweaks and adjustments to the top layer and with a new finish.

Replacing Old Floorboards

Replacing old the floorboards is done by removing the existing or damaged floorboards and fitting them with newer ones that can then be stained, finished, and later blended in with the rest of the surrounding flooring. Replacing your old floorboards is much easier and more efficient than having to repair or replace the entire surface or even resurface the whole floor. Replacing the odd floorboard is also quicker and less labor-intensive, meaning you can have your floors back up and working in no time.

New Finish

When you refinish hardwood floors, you can choose any finish to go on top of the floors, even if it is different from the last. This typically includes a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish, depending on how you want your hardwood floors to shine afterward. The new finish is painted on in the same manner as a stain and is left to dry before your hardwood floors can then support foot traffic and furniture. Your new finish is then ready to go and can provide your interiors with a brighter and cleaner aesthetic.

You’ll find that hardwoods can be used for any room in the house

Natural beauty: hardwood floors can add an elegant addition to any home

Durable and stylish: if taken care of, they’ll last for decades

Easy to maintain with regular cleaning

Removing Imperfections

One of the main benefits of refinishing hardwood floors is to remove any obvious or smaller imperfections that put your hardwood floors off from looking as best as they possibly can. Refinishing your hardwood floors removes the top layer of wood that often shows imperfections. Once these imperfections have been removed, we can then stain the floors with richer color and finish them off with your desired topcoat. After we have completed refinishing your floors, you won't notice any minor imperfections like you did before, and you can rest easy knowing your floors look great and are nearly perfect!


Our main goal is to assist our Columbus Ohio community with having hardwood floors that you can count on for many years to come and that you will enjoy the beauty of. Our hardwood flooring refinishing projects allow you extended longevity and ongoing use from your existing hardwood floors but with a few adjustments that can prolong their functionality and overall beauty. You can also save some money having your hardwood floors refinished instead of replacing them with fresh wood altogether. We typically recommend having your floors refinished if you are looking to give them new life and a second chance but are not ready to spend the money on a complete replacement, and if your floors do not need to be resurfaced because the wood is still in a salvageable and healthy condition. Additional considerations can be found here.

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