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What are some of the benefits of hardwood floor refinishing?

Aside from the hardwood flooring looking brand new, hardwoods will also resist wear and tear that can occur during daily use in your home. The finish applied to refinished hardwoods protects it from dirt accumulation while still allowing them to showcase their natural beauty and shine. Here are some of the benefits of hardwood flooring refinishing Columbus Ohio:

Adds value to a home

Hardwood floors have a higher resale value compared to other flooring options. These floors are durable and provide a comfortable, warm feeling when walking on them. Their natural heat insulation properties make them an excellent choice for homes in cold environments like Columbus, OH.

Increases air quality inside your home

The hardwood boards will not trap dust particles which can affect asthma or allergies. This limits exposure to allergens from pollen, pet dander, or other substances that might be present indoors, such as getting trapped in carpeting with a high pile or synthetic fibers.

Reduced maintenance costs

Refinishing hardwood floors reduces the need for expensive flooring maintenance costs. The hardwoods will resist wear and tear, requiring only a periodic dusting to maintain their luster without being damaged or scratched.

Easy-to-clean surface

It is easy to clean up spills with just water and some dish soap with hardwoods because there aren't any fibers that can get stuck in crevices, like on carpeted surfaces that are difficult to remove.

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