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Hardwood Floor Installation

hardwood floor repair Columbus

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home or commercial property in Columbus OH is a wise investment that will allow you to enjoy your floors for many years to come. We offer professional hardwood flooring installation, provided by our team of licensed contractors who are experts in the industry and can install your hardwood floors with precision and care. Not only can we bulk order your desired hardwood, but we deliver it to your doorstep and install it with our reliable techniques that ensure longevity and efficiency.

Choosing Your Materials

If you aren't sure what flooring materials would be most suitable for your project, we'd be happy to offer our expert feedback on the types of hardwood that are most durable and reliable, along with the ones that would best suit your budget. We usually recommend using oak and maple because these woods are extremely strong, and you can stain them to your liking and finish them off with your desired finish. Your hardwood floors are then sealed with a strengthening topcoat to prevent water damage and scratches.

Removing Old Flooring

If you have existing flooring that needs to be removed before your new hardwood floors can be installed, we would be delighted to assist in removing your current hardwood floors so that your surface area can be prepared for new wood. If you have tile or carpet, these materials need to be stripped, and the area needs to be smoothed before hardwood can be securely fitted. We will also need to measure the space available so that we can order the right amount of hardwood floorboards for the surface area.

Laying Floorboards

Once we have removed your old flooring and prepared the surface area, we can then begin laying the floorboards. The floorboards will be aligned with one another to create an even surface, which is then sealed together and then stained to the color choice of your liking. A matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish is then painted over your hardwood floorboards before sealing your floors for further durability. Laying floorboards is an important part of the installation process because if your floorboards are not even or compressed together properly, this can lead to splinters or shifting in the future.

Staining and Sealing

Not everyone chooses to stain their floors, as the natural color of oak and maple wood is beautiful as is and typically complements interiors enough. However, some might choose to go darker with their wood if they want their floors to deepen the ambiance of a room or contrast with other parts of the room. Whether you choose to stain your hardwood floors or not, we still recommend sealing your floors so that you can preserve them for as long as possible and they can remain equally strong for the duration of use in your home. Your hardwood floors will likely need to be re-stained and re-sealed every few years so that they can continue looking great and providing you with ongoing comfort.

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